Hikari Nakamura


Gender: Female
Born: January 21st, 2504
Location of Birth: Procyon System, Arcadia, Avalon
Height: 1.78 m (5 ft 10in)
Weight: 71.67 kg (158 lbs)
Eyes: Deep Blue
Hair: Auburn, shoulder length


Hikari Nakamura was born on Avalon on the planet Arcadia, in the Procyon System on January 21st, 2504 to a wealthier family of moderate influence in the outer colonies. Her father was computer software designer and computer engineer of Japanese descent and her mother was an American model and philanthropist. Both had long been supporters of the Unified Earth Government and the United Nations Space Command.

As Hikari grew up it was quickly discovered that she was very intelligent and had quick reflexes. She always excelled in her school studies at the top of her class.

When Hikari was seven years old, on May 4th, 2511, her sister Kairi Nakamura was born. Hikari immediately latched onto her younger sister. As they both grew, it became apparent that except for the age difference, the two girls could have been twins. Kairi advanced just a quickly and was just as skilled and intelligent as her sister had been at her age. The two sisters were almost inseparable.

But sadly, this did not last very long. In June 2517, Kairi suddenly became very ill and just six months later dies of unknown natural causes. Even though her parents tried everything to both prevent the death of their youngest daughter, and to discover the cause of it, they never received a definitive explanation.

Hikari was apparently so devastated by this that she insisted that “it wasn’t her sister who died. She was too different.” The child grievance counselor her parents took her too said that there wasn’t much to do as Hikari was very reluctant to open up and as far as she could tell, Hikari was not grieving at all.

This lasted for only a few months and it never turned into a bigger problem. Eventually Hikari learned to feint emotions around her parents whenever her sister was mentioned, which wasn’t very often.

Hikari continued to advance in school, even managing to skip a grade in middle school. She excelled in Chemistry, Biology, and Computer Sciences. She also became the captain of her high schools girls’ field hockey team, girls’ basketball team, and co-captain for track and field team.

Hikari graduated high school a year earlier and start taking advanced college courses as her parents had planned, but the day after she turned 18 she dropped out of college and enrolled in the military destined for Reach.

A year and half or so later, Hikari volunteers for ODST training after graduating at the top of her UNSC Marine Corp class, choosing to specialize in Demolitions/Explosives and Computer slicing. While not as physical strong as many of the other soldiers in the UNSC, she is just as fast, if not faster than most of them, and just as tough and rugged as well. She is very intelligent and wiser than her age suggests, but she lacks in people skills more often than not. She can create and execute perfect battle strategies but is sometimes more forceful and direct in dealing with others than she needs to be

Hikari is very goal oriented and aims for perfection in whatever she sets out to do. She has rather a serious attitude and doesn’t care much for goofing off or slacking. She can come off as a bit bossy at times, but she has the temperance to usually keep that in check. To very often her great annoyance, she is also very attractive, something she tries to downplay as much as possible by wearing simple clothing and keeping her auburn hair cut shoulder length. She stands at 5ft 10 in, 158 lbs, with auburn hair, and piercing blue eyes.

Hikari Nakamura

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