Kurt Woden


UNSC Report
Name: Kurt Woden
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: October 7, 2482
Location of Birth: Lambda Serpentis System, Jericho VII
Height: 1.83 m (6 ft.)
Weight: 87 kg (191 lbs.)
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Sandy Blonde/Grey

Enlisted with the CMA on October 7, 2499. Joined Charlie Squad, 1st Platoon, Jericho Militia. Promoted in rank to Private First Class on April 19, 2501. Promoted again to Lance Corporal on November 9, 2502. Shortly thereafter given command of Fireteam Alpha, and after numerous victorious missions, was promoted to Corporal on January 7, 2504. Offered further promotion, but declined, instead opting to stay with current squad. After the UNSC acquired greater control over the Colonial Militia in 2514, Jericho’s Charlie squad was moved to the Eridanus System to better combat the Insurrectionists. After the loss of Fireteam Alpha members Jim Nurmen and Frank Hamilton in 2513 and 2517 respectively, Fireteam Alpha was disbanded. After the further death of close friend and former Fireteam Alpha member Sam Crent in 2522, temporary leave was advised, but declined. A series of Promotions, Sergeant in September 2522, Staff Sergeant in January of 2523, and Gunnery Sergeant in July of 2523, were followed by requests to join the ODST. Request pending as of the date of this sheets writing.


The Joke (Flashback):
“I hear talk of promoting you, Sir” said the younger of the men on the fireteam. Youngest though he was, he was still a veteran in his own right, having defended the colonies for almost 7 years. The others had at least 2 years on him, while the most seasoned, their leader Kurt Woden, had double his time in the field. Kurt wore his experience in the lines of his face and the straggly gray of his beard. It also showed in his voice, though his favored drinks were responsible for most of the damage. His gruff voice held a good-natured tone as he spoke to the younger man, “So long as I’ve got you three on my team, I won’t take anything short of General”
They all laughed quietly in their bunks for a moment before the surliest of the men spoke up saying, “So when your stubborn ass outlives us, what’ll you do then? Kill yerself to come join us?” The other men soured at the morbid joke, but Kurt rose to the occasion.
“I’ll do you one better, I’d take their promotion and demand a place with the ODST.”
The men guffawed loudly causing their other squadmates to shout angrily from nearby bunks. The surly one said amidst the tumult, “So I was right then, you’d kill yerself!” and the others continued laughing.

Another One Down (Journal):
The Quiet One died first. We’d been training some Colonial Militiamen when an Innie Terrorist blew up a nearby munitions depot. It took 13 of the recruits and two of our own Squad, one from our fireteam. He’d been the second person to join my Team after it was formed. The first was the surly bastard, and last obviously was the young one. The new member of the Team had to fill in for a decade long friend and failed miserably. He requested to be transferred on the grounds that we were harassing him. They agreed and a new victim was sent. The Sergeant let me know that continued harassment would not be acceptable. That forced us to hide it better, but the New Guy was resilient. We grudgingly learned to accept him. Our squad’s strength always lay in training militia, but as the Insurrection spread, and the CMA waned, we were increasingly utilized in active battle zones.
The Younger One was the next to go. We were scouting Eridanus II for Innie bases hidden in the countryside. As one might expect, we found one. The Surly Bastard had taken it as his personal duty to wipe out every last Innie he found, so when Sarge ordered a temporary retreat to await backup, he was none to eager to comply. Seeing nothing more than a few small hovels, he charged headlong into the nearest and opened fire. The Young One was hot on his heels, while the New Guy and I cursed and followed suit. We encountered little resistance at first, with Surly taking out 3 Innies before the rest of us had caught up. As we began securing the building, a hatch popped up from underneath a table in the corner. Grenades flew out of the basement and obscured what was to follow. The aftermath left the Young One dead, The New Guy crippled from shrapnel to the leg, and I caught a bullet in the left arm. Surly’s pride never recovered. Our Fireteam was disbanded as an individual unit, and more thoroughly included in the squads normal actions.
The Surly Bastard was hard to kill. He took shots to the shoulder, lower back, and even kept fighting after one to the kneecap. His demise came in an uneventful landfall on an asteroid near Eridanus. The place had been cleared of Innies and was being used as a temporary base. The Pelican he was aboard suddenly lost thrust in one engine and began to spiral out of control. It veered from the landing site and crashed into a nearby cliff face. Of the 13 on board, 2 survived. No evidence of Insurrectionist sabotage was discovered. I was on Eridanus II at the time and found out later that week. They suggested leave. I stayed on and pushed for promotion after promotion. It wasn’t long before my goal was in sight. The joke had become a reality, and morbid though it was, I was intent on following it through to completion, if for no other reason than to have a goal to achieve. It wasn’t easy getting people to seriously consider me for the ODST, but I had time and patience enough…

Kurt Woden

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