Temnen Doyle


gender: Male

Born: April 26, 2501

Location of Birth: Sol System, Earth, Dublin

Height: 1.8 m

Weight: 102 kg

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black


Growing up in Dublin had its advantages compared to growing up on another planet, like Harvest, such as more things for a child to do during the day, and people to be around. Unfortunately for Temnen, his father didn’t see things that way. He was expected to come straight home after school and do work around the house. Temnen’s family lived in a small apartment, even though his father had a decent paying job. The main problem was that his father was an excessive drinker after work hours, and was very abusive. It was all Temnen had ever known. Coming home was an exercise in not pissing his father off. Just walking through the door one could feel the tension in the house. Temnen had brought a friend over after school once, when he was 9. He never made that mistake again.

As the years progressed, so did the abuse towards Temnen and his mother. Temnen lost count of the amount of times his father put his mother into the med center, only to beg her forgiveness. And each time she would go back. It baffled Temnen. There wasn’t much a scrawny little Irish kid could do against his father, and Temnen’s father knew it.

Once Temnen enrolled in high school, his outlook began to change. Although he was still a good student, because getting bad grades had unfortunate consequences, Temnen saw the benefits that bulking up could have. He started lifting weights and signed up for the wrestling and boxing teams. By the time Temnen had become a senior in high school, he was sitting close to 90 kg, a far cry from the 65 kg he was as a freshman.

A week and a half before graduation, Temnen was on his way home, as usual. As he walked down the hall in his building, he could hear noises coming from his apartment. No doubt his father was in another drunken rage. It hadn’t helped that three months prior his father lost his job. After being fired, his father became steadily more abusive. Temnen braced himself for the coming storm as he opened the door. He opened the door and saw his father standing over his mother, holding a broken bottle. Temnen looked down at his mother and saw a pool of blood around her head. He didn’t see her breathing. Temnen rushed into the apartment, and his father tried to take a swing at him. Reflectively, Temnen deflected the punch and hit his father square in the nose. Temnen’s vision tunneled in, until it became black. The only image he remembered seeing before going completely black was one hand around his father’s throat, and the other hitting him in the face as hard as he could. Repeatedly.

He ‘awoke’ in a detention cell. He had no idea how he ended up there. It was at least a day before he saw anyone. It was an attorney and some military guy. The attorney let Temnen know he was going to be charged with attempted murder of his father. The attorney informed him that his father was in serious condition, and wasn’t expected to fully recover. Temnen didn’t really react to the news. In his mind the drunken bastard got what he deserved. Finally.

“What about my mother?”

“She… well…” the attorney stammered

“I’m sorry son,” the man in the military uniform started, “but by the time the medics got to the scene, she was dead.”

Temnen just stared at the both of them. Past them, actually. To the void that was starting to grow. His mother was everything to him, and the only reason he stayed at home.

“You’re looking at a long time in prison.” The attorney said matter of factly.

Temnen glared at him, half tempted to leap across the table and give him a good reason to put him away.

“Give us a moment,” the other man told the attorney.

As the attorney left, the military man leaned forward.

“My name is Master Sergeant Williams, Mr. Doyle.”

“You can call me Temnen.”

“Very well, then, Temnen. I must say, I don’t usually come to jails for this kind of thing, but one of my boys just so happened to be passing by the scene, I mean your apartment, as the police were clearing things up. As I understand it, your father was abusive, correct?”

“That’s an understatement.”

“I see. Well, I’ve read the report and, as I see it, you were defending yourself and trying to save your mother. I don’t think that deserves a prison sentence. Hell, you should be rewarded for standing up to someone like that.”

“What do you want Mr. Williams?”

“I’m here to offer you a unique opportunity. You come join the Marines, and I can make all this go away. We could use someone with your fight.”

“For what? To serve as cannon fodder for you against some innies?”

The Master Sergeant stood and looked down at Temnen. Temnen finally noticed the patch on his shoulder. He was an ODST, a Hell Jumper.

“Listen here, Mr. Doyle, those ‘Innies’ are sadistic bastards, trying to push the government around, much like your father pushed you around. They’re bullies picking on weaker planets and populations, trying to make them bend to their will. They’re hurting women and children. I’m giving you a chance to take everything you’ve bottled up for these years and dish it out to those other bullies in this galaxy.”

“You want me to be a Hell Jumper?”

The Master Sergeant laughed.

“Son, you have to earn the right to be a Hell Jumper. You come join the Marines, though, and we’ll see how it goes.”

Temnen weighed his choices, such as they were, and decided that he had nothing left to lose. He chose the Marines.

Over the next four years, Temnen was shipped all over the galaxy, fighting skirmishes with innies. He specialized in close quarters combat and weaponry. He also served a bit of time in the brig for hitting his CO, even though the CO was drunk and started the fight. Usually that was a quick way of getting shipped out of the service. Somehow though, he wasn’t discharged. Instead he was reassigned to a different planet, with a different CO: Oscar Co., 5th Battalion, 21st Division, 9th Marine Expeditionary Force.

He had served for a year there when his CO let him know he was being reassigned.

He opened his orders and saw where he was going:
Assigned to Echo Team, 24th Shock Troops Battalion.

He was going to be an ODST.

Temnen Doyle

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