Clinical Observations


Infirmary, Military Reservation 01478-B
Reach, Epsilon Eridani System
April 2, 2524 09:00 Local Standard

You find yourself sitting in a sterile looking waiting room. Seated with you in the lobby are a half dozen other soldiers, in fatigues. Before you on a low coffee table are old copies of Stars and Car & Pilot magazines. You have each been called to this office for psychiatric evaluation. Although you are physically capable, the answers you provide will determine your fitness level for active duty deployment.

You have all recently graduated from drop school on Reach, and have been assigned to Echo Team, 24th Shock Troops Battalion, ODST. You are part of the 105th Marine Expeditionary Unit (SOCOM) and will soon embark aboard the UNSC Serapis for the Lambda Serpentis System, over 38 light years from Sol.

As you each wait your turn to be called back to speak with the doctor, you engage each other in idle conversation, read magazines, or simply stare off into space. Moments later, you find yourself speaking to a middle aged woman in a lab coat. You find nothing remarkable about her or your surroundings. She smiles, but you see no warmth or sincerity behind it.

“OK, let’s begin.”

“Question 1: If placed in the situation, do you feel you will be able to carry out your duties without question?”

“Question 2: If placed in the situation, do you feel you would be able to take another human life, if so ordered?”

“Question 3: What are your feelings towards the United Earth Government?”

“Question 4: Do you feel loyalty to Sol or to your homeworld?”

“Question 5: Do you have a problem with authority or question orders given by a superior?”

Although it feels more like an interrogation, the interview is soon over. The doctor seems pleased with your answers and you soon exit the office, awaiting transport back to your barracks.

Hikari Nakamura Psych Evaluation
Kurt Woden Psych Evaluation
Temnen Doyle Psych Evaluation
Collin Renner Psych Evaluation

Clinical Observations

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