Collin Renner Psych Evaluation

“Question 1: If placed in the situation, do you feel you will be able to carry out your duties without question?”

Being in the military, it’s the only situation. Isn’t it? Now, without question? That’s cute. The easy answer is ‘yes’. But, things are usually much more complicated than that. I follow orders. It doesn’t mean I have to like them.

“Question 2: If placed in the situation, do you feel you would be able to take another human life, if so ordered?”

Next question. And if you ask me to answer it again, you will find out.

“Question 3: What are your feelings towards the United Earth Government?”

About like anyone else. It’s got it’s good and bad points. It’s provided me a safe home and a career. Best to say the pros outweigh the cons.

“Question 4: Do you feel loyalty to Sol or to your homeworld?”

I love my home. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t.

“Question 5: Do you have a problem with authority or question orders given by a superior?”

Depends on who’s giving the order. I have a much higher respect to those who have been on the ground, doing the dirty work. Not some idiot who thinks he knows what he’s doing because some manual told him how shit goes down. I have no issue in telling someone like that to sod off, even if I have to follow their orders. Now, are you done questioning my loyalty? I have to go get my gear ready to whatever shit staid you decide to send me to.

Collin Renner Psych Evaluation

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