Halo Timeline So Far

2482 –
■ October 7: Kurt Woden born on Jericho VII, Lambda Serpentis System.

2497 –
■ July 20: Collin Renner born in New York City, Earth, Sol System.

2501 –
■ April 26: Temnen Doyle born in Dublin, Earth, Sol System.

2504 –
■January 21st: Hikari Nakamura is born in Avalon on Arcadia, Procyon System.

2506 –
■Project ORION, the original SPARTAN project – the first attempt by the Colonial Military Administration to create and train teams of super-soldiers for covert military operations in the Outer Colonies – is deactivated. Though the Spartans are effective, their abilities fall short of original expectations, and they are far too expensive to develop and field. The soldiers in the program are reassigned to various special operations units.

2511 –
■John-117 is born in Elysium City on Eridanus II. Many other future SPARTAN-II’s in his group are also born in this year.
■January 3: All data pertaining to the planet Onyx is deemed classified.
■Ferbruary 23: A terrorist with the Freedom and Liberation Party detonates a commercial nuclear explosive in the Haven arcology.
■March 5: Jorge-052 is born on Pálháza, Reach.
■May 16: Caleb-095 is born in Newport on Luyten 726-8.
■October 19: Kurt-051 is born in Mira on Circumstance.
■October 22: A report is made on Forerunner artifacts are found during routine excavations in an area designated Zone 67

2515 –
■Dr. Catherine Elizabeth Halsey becomes scientific advisor in the Office of Naval Intelligence.

2516 –
■Jane Shebura is born.
■Jacob Keyes enlists in the Luna OCS Academy.

2517 –
A very important year for the United Nations Space Command, as this marked the initiation of the SPARTAN-II program, which would eventually give birth to some of humanity’s greatest heroes.
■June: Jacob Keyes graduates UNSC OCS.
■August 17: Dr. Catherine Halsey and Lieutenant Jacob Keyes meet 6-year-old John on Eridanus II. John passes a test conducted by Halsey and is unknowingly accepted into the SPARTAN-II program.
■September 23: Jacob Keyes is promoted to full Lieutenant by Dr. Halsey and is reassigned to the UNSC Magellan.
■Seventy-five children are conscripted into the SPARTAN II program per Naval Code 45812 on Reach.
■September 24: The 6-year-old SPARTAN II trainees awaken for their first day of training. They are led by Chief Petty Officer Franklin Mendez. They are introduced to Déjà.
■September 25: John, Kelly, and Sam become friends.

2519 –
■The SPARTAN-IIs continue in their second year of training, passing a training mission in the snowcapped mountain range on Reach.
■John-117 earns the status of Squad Leader.
■June 3rd: Taylor H. Miles is born in Losantiville, Seven Hills, on Mars.
■July 21: Temnen Doyle enlists in UNSC Marine Corps by court order.

2520 –
■The SPARTAN-II Program suffers its first casualty, when Carris-137 accidentally kills a handler during training.
■July 20: Captain Alexander, the last civilian captain of UNSC Spirit of Fire, retires from active duty at the conclusion of the Verent mission. The ship is requisitioned by the UNSC and scheduled for refit.
■August 27: Carter-259 is born on Durban, Biko.
■September 1: Spirit of Fire completes an extensive refit at the Reach orbital shipyards before entering active military duty as a ground support vessel, initially detailed with providing ground support for Operation TREBUCHET.

2521 –
■The Sniper Rifle System 99 Anti-Matériel is adopted by all UNSCDF branches because of its modularity and ongoing manufacturer support.

2522 –
Dr. Catherine Elizabeth Halsey is made Chief scientist in the Office of Naval Intelligence.

2523 –
The SPARTAN-IIs are in their sixth year of training, they are now twelve years old.
March 11: Emile-239 is born on Luxor, Eridanus II.
July 14: SPARTAN-IIs train on Reach, where they successfully capture a Marine base flag

2524 –
January 18th: CFHT-MARS discovers an anomaly nearing human space whilst capturing the Rosette Nebula. This discovery is sent to Dr. Catherine Halsey for evaluation.
February 28th: Jun-A266 is born on Tyumen, New Harmony.

Halo Timeline So Far

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